Research Assistants

The researchers who participate in the research activities of the department are the following: 

Division I: Environmental Management

Name Title E-mail
Maria Aivalioti Environmental Engineer, PhD maivalioti<at>
John Hahladakis Chemical Engineer, PhD ichachladakis<at>
Charidimos Marakas Environmental Engineer, MSc xaridim80<at>
Ioannis Moukazis Environmental Engineer imoukazis<at>
Aris Nikolaou Environmental Engineer, MSc arnikolaoy<at>
Panagiotis Papoulias Environmental Engineer, MSc ppapoulias432<at>
Fotini Simantiraki Environmental Engineer, PhD fotini.simantiraki02<at>

Division II: Environmental Process Design and Analysis

Name Title E-mail
Victoria Alexandropoulou Environmental Engineer, PhD vic.alexandropoulou<at>
Eleftheria Antoniou Chemical Engineer, PhD eantoniou<at>
Evina Gontikaki Biologist, PhD egontikaki<at>
Grammatiki Goula Chemical Engineer, PhD mgoula<at>
Eleni Manousaki Chemist, PhD emanous<at>
Eudokia Syranidou   evdokiasyranidou<at>
Efi Tsolaki Environmental Engineer, PhD efi.tsolaki<at>

Division III: Environmental Hydraulics and Geoenvironmental Engineering

Name Title E-mail
Stella Voutsadaki Chemist, PhD svoutsadaki<at>
Stella Giannopoulou Surveyor Engineer, MSc stegian<at>
Manolis Grillakis Environmental Engineer, PhD manolis<at>
Leda Demetropoulou Political Scientist, PhD ldemetro<at>
Zoi Dokou Environmental Engineer, PhD zoi.dokou<at>
Nektarios Kourgialas Agronomist, PhD nektarios.kourgialas<at>
Ioannis Trichakis Environmental Engineer, PhD trichakis<at>
Maria-Liliana Saru   msaru<at>