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Selection Criteria

Selection criteria for the Master of Science degree

Candidates eligible for the PSP M.Sc. Degree are:

  • Graduates of all Engineering Schools/Departments of Greek Universities or of equivalent accredited educational institutions abroad,
  • Graduates of Physics, Chemistry, Agriculture, Mathematics, Environmental Science, Informatics, Medical and Biology Departments of Greek Universities or of equivalent accredited educational institutions abroad, as well as
  • Graduates of Greek Technological Education Institutes.

The call for expression of interest for the Master in Environmental Engineering is published on the School’s webpage at the end of the spring semester. Applicants must submit the following documents prior to the deadline stated in the call:

  • Application stating the applicant’s desired specialization area (the application form is available as [pdf] or [docx] )
  • List of attachments (template available as [pdf] or [docx])
  • Copies of acquired degrees/diplomas
  • Certificate of accreditation by Hellenic NARIC (for degrees from foreign institutions)
  • Official transcripts
  • Copies of English Language Certificates (and of any other foreign language, where applicable)
  • Extended Curriculum Vitae
  • Statement of purpose regarding the applicant’s interest in the PSP, previous experience and research interests (up to 1000 words)
  • At least two letters of recommendation sent directly to the School’s Secretariat (template available as [pdf] or [docx]).
  • Optional application for scholarship (A separate call for expression of interest is published on School’s website when financial resources are available)

The applications should be submitted to MSc in Environmental Engineering Programme in the following ways:

  • via the on line application system (all the necessary material should be uploaded | notifications will be delivered through the online application system)


  • by post or in person to the:

Technical University of Crete
Secretariat of Master’s Programme
School of Environmental Engineering
University Campus, Kounoupidiana
73100 Chania, Crete, Greece

The General Assembly of post-graduate studies is responsible for the selection of prospective students. The main selection criteria are:

  • the applicant’s transcript,
  • the applicant’s performance in courses relevant to the subjects addressed by the PSP, as well as
  • the applicant’s diploma thesis (where applicable).

As a general rule, the annual grade point average for the two final years of study leading to the applicant’s degree should be at least seven (7/10). Any research activity, professional experience and accredited good knowledge of foreign languages, especially of English, are also taken into account. Furthermore, the Master’s Coordination Committee may invite the applicant for an interview. In special cases, a thesis on a subject determined by the DA may be requested.

In cases where the candidate is admitted to the PSP prior to the successful completion of his/her first degree, the prospective student should be awarded his/her degree within a specified time span and prior to the enrollment deadline determined by the DA.

Registration fees apply for any post-graduate student of Greek nationality who is not entitled for a waive of fees. The total amount is 1500 Euro for the three semesters. An extra charge of 100 euro per semester  apply to post-graduate students who wish to extend their studies.

Greek students complying with financial criteria for a fees payment exception should submit the corresponding application.

Number of student admissions

The maximum number of students admitted to the M.Sc. Programme per academic year is thirty (30). The DA determines the number of new enrollments at the beginning of each academic year.

Call for Interest, Requirements and other Information Documents

  • Call for interest (pdf)
  • Application (pdf), (docx)
  • Required Documents List (pdf), (docx)
  • Recommendation Letter form (pdf), (docx)