Petros Gikas
Associate Professor, Environmental Engineering 
Design of Environmental Processes Laboratory
Division I: Environmental Management

Extended CV (pdf)



  • 1996: Ph.D.:  Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, Department of Chemical Engineering, London,UK
  • 1990: Diploma in Chemical Engineering, NTUA.

Research Interests

  • Major research target: Design of energy positive wastewater treatment plants
  • Research focus: Liquid and solid waste management and water resources management:
    • Wastewater treatment processes
    • Water reclamation and reuse
    • Removal/valorization of nitrogen from wastewater using encapsulated microorganisms
    • Effect of heavy metals on the behaviour of microorganisms
    • Municipal Solid Waste and Biosolids management, with emphasis on energy production
    • Integrated water resources management

Participation in Research Programs and Projects

  • “New concept for energy self-sustainable wastewater treatment process and biosolids management”, LIFE B2E4SustWWTP (LIFE16 ENV/GR/000298), funded by: European Commission.
  • “Bioconversion of CO2 into High-added Value Bioproducts through Sustainable Microalgae Cultivation Processes”, CO2-BioProducts, funded by: EYDE-ETAK (Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs).
  • “Research project for the valorization of biogas at the landfill of “Pera Galinoi” (Heraklion, Crete)”, funded by: United Association of Solid Waste Management for Crete (2015-2017)
  •  “Management Plan for the River Water Basin of Aegean Islands, with emphasis on point pollution sources”, funded by: Hellenic Special Secretariat for Water, Ministry of Environment and Energy (2013-2015)
  • Investigating the reusability of water in Kamari, Thira, funded by: Municipal Water and Sewerage Company of Thira (2009-2011)

Distinctions and Awards

  • Special advisor to the Hellenic Special Secretariat for Water, for issues related with the implementation of the Water Framework Directive 2000/60EC, and representative of Greece to the European Commission Working Group “Chemicals”, for the establishment of Environmental Quality Standards (EQS)
  • Advisor to the Greek-German Assembly (Deutsch-Griechische Versammlung-DGV), for water and waste management/treatment issues  
  • Associate Editor for the Journal of Environmental Management (Elsevier). Member of the Editorial Boards for the journals: Heliyon (Elsevier), BioMed Research International (Hindawi) και British Journal of Environment and Climate Change (Science Domain International)

Recent Publications

  • P. Gikas, B. Zhu, N. -I. Batistatos and R. Zhang, 2018 “Evaluation of the Rotary Drum Reactor Process as Pretreatment Technology of Municipal Solid Waste for Thermophilic Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Production”, Journal of Environmental Management, Vol.:216, Pp.: 96-104.
  • P. Gikas, E. Ranieri, D. Sougioultzis, M. Farazaki and G. Tchobanoglous, 2017, “Alternative collection systems for decentralized wastewater management: An overview and case study of the vacuum collection system in Eretria town, Greece”, Water Practice and Technology, Vol.:12, Iss.: 3, Pp.: 604-618.
  • P. Gikas, 2016, “Towards Energy Positive Wastewater Treatment Plants”, Journal of Environmental Management, doi:10.1016/j.jenvman.2016.05.061.
  • P. Gikas, 2016, “Ultra High Temperature Gasification of Municipal Wastewater Primary Biosolids in a Rotary Kiln Reactor for the Production of Synthesis Gas”, Journal of Environmental Management, doi:10.1016/j.jenvman.2016.02.043.
  • A. Emdadi, P. Gikas, M. Farazaki and Y. Emami, 2016, “Salinity Gradient Energy Potential at the Hyper Saline Urmia Lake - Zarrinehrud River System in Iran”, Renewable Energy, Vol.: 86, Pp.: 154-162.
  • P. Gikas and T. Tsoutsos, 2015, “Near Zero Energy Wastewater Treatment Plants for the Greek Islands”, Desalination and Water Treatment, Vol.: 53, Iss.: 12, Pp.: 3328-3324
  • A.N. Angelakis and P. Gikas, 2014, “Water Reuse: Overview of current practices and trends in the World with emphasis in EU states”, Water Utility Journal, Vol.: 6, Pp.: 67-78.
  • P. Gikas, 2014, “Electrical energy production from biosolids: A comparative study between anaerobic digestion and ultra-high-temperature gasification”, Environmental Technology, Vol.: 35, Iss.: 17, Pp.: 2140-2146.
  • E. Vaiopoulou and P. Gikas, 2012, “Effects of Chromium on Activated Sludge and on the Performance of Wastewater Treatment Plants: A Review”, Water Research, Vol.: 46, Pp.: 549-570.
  • P. Gikas and G. Tchobanoglous, 2009, “Sustainable Use of Water in the Aegean Islands”, Journal of Environmental Management, Vol.: 90, Pp.: 2601-2611.

Ph.D. Candidates

  • Anthoula Manali
  • Georgios Makaroglou