Ph.D Specific Issues

Enrollment and course registration

New PhD candidates enroll in the PSP in October, prior to the commencement of lectures.

Registration for courses takes place within the first two weeks of each semester.

The exact dates for enrollment and course registration are announced on the web, specifically, on webpages (a) Academic Announcements of the Technical University of Crete and (b) News/Announcements of the Environmental Engineering School.


Duration of Studies

The minimum duration of studies for the award of the PhD title is six (6) academic semesters. The maximum time to complete all requirements for the PhD title is ten (10) academic semesters.

If a PhD candidate exceeds the maximum time limit, he/she automatically drops out and receives a certificate of attendance for all courses successfully completed. PhD candidates may request, on serious grounds, the interruption of their studies for time periods which, when added together, do not exceed three (3) academic semesters. The GA decides on whether to approve the request or not. Part-time studying is also allowed according to the Postgraduate Studies Regulation, the decisions of the GA and time limitations set by it.


Selection of Supervisor

Prior to the end of the first semester of studies towards a Doctoral Diploma, each PhD candidate must submit an application to the School’s Secretariat stating his/her choice for Supervisor (application form is available on School’s website). The PhD candidate must contact the faculty member of choice for Supervisor in advance, who is to co-sign the candidate’s application, in agreeing to supervise the PhD candidate. Upon recommendation of the Director of Postgraduate Studies, the GA appoints the Supervisor.


Assembling the Supervisory Committee

After the end of the first semester, the GA appoints a three-member Supervisory Committee upon recommendation of the Director of Postgraduate Studies, in accordance to the current legislation. In case the PhD candidate wishes to work towards the European Doctoral Diploma, then one (1) of the three supervisory committee members should be faculty member at a university abroad.

The Supervisory Committee, in consultation with the candidate, determines the dissertation topic. After the end of the second semester of studies, the PhD candidate must submit in writing and defend publicly before the Supervisory Committee the research character of the dissertation, the necessity for study based on an extensive literature review, the methodology to be adopted, the expected results and a time schedule of the various dissertation phases.

The Supervisory Committee, in collaboration with the candidate, submits to the Director of Postgraduate Studies a short progress report before the end of each academic year.


Doctoral Diploma (PhD) requirements

Courses, research, and all other types of academic and research activities required for the Doctoral Diploma (PhD) are as follows:

  • The PhD candidate must have completed satisfactorily a study program of 180 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credit units in a time period of at least six academic semesters.
  • 60 ECTS credit units correspond to 4 courses at PhD level. Each postgraduate course at PhD level is assigned 15 credit units according to the European Credit Transfer System. Specifically:
    • PhD candidates that are graduates of a five-year undergraduate studies program from a school other than the Environmental Engineering School of the Technical University of Crete, who do not hold a Postgraduate Specialization Diploma from the Environmental Engineering School or from another related postgraduate studies program, must attend at least four (4) courses upon recommendation of their Supervisor and approval by the GA.
    • PhD candidates with background not related to the main PSP specialization areas may choose to attend four (4) courses offered by the Environmental Engineering School, the Technical University of Crete or other Universities in Greece and abroad, upon substantiated recommendation of their Supervisor and approval by the GA.
    • PhD candidates who hold a M.Sc. degree from the School of Environmental Engineering or another related postgraduate studies program must attend four (4) courses in addition to the courses that were attended as part of the requirements of the postgraduate studies program for their M.Sc. degree, upon recommendation of their Supervisor and approval by the GA.
    • Furthermore, PhD candidates, in consultation with their Supervisor and upon approval by the GA may take courses from the Postgraduate Studies Program of the Environmental Engineering School or other Postgraduate Studies Programs.
    • A minimum course grade average of seven and a half (7.5) is required for graduation. If a PhD candidate fails two (2) courses, that is, if the grade received in two courses is lower than six (6), the candidate is obliged to drop out of the PSP.
  • Each PhD candidate is obliged to attend “Research Lectures” courses. In particular:
    • In case the PhD candidate holds a Postgraduate Specialization Diploma from the Environmental Engineering School of the Technical University of Crete, the candidate must take only two (2) “Research Lectures” courses. That is, the two (2) “Research Lectures” attended towards receiving the Postgraduate Specialization Diploma count also towards the Doctoral Diploma.
    • In any other case, the PhD candidate should take four (4) “Research Lectures” courses.
  • Each PhD candidate must carry out an original research thesis (that will result in the publication of at least two (2) refereed articles in international scientific journals), which corresponds to 120 ECTS credit units.
  • If the PhD candidate wishes to obtain the European PhD, the candidate should conduct part of his/her research abroad for a period of six (6) to twelve (12) months.


Doctoral Dissertation and Doctoral Diploma (PhD) Award

Doctoral Dissertation Compilation and Examination

The Supervisory Committee assesses the research work conducted by the candidate. If the work is found satisfactory and complete, the candidate may proceed with the writing of the dissertation, in either Greek or English. The choice of language must be substantiated.

After completing the dissertation writing, the candidate submits the dissertation to the Supervisory Committee, which assesses whether the dissertation fulfils all degree requirements and provides the candidate and the Director of Postgraduate Studies with its written assessment within a period of two (2) months.

After the PhD candidate has met all the PSP requirements and received the approval of the Supervisory Committee, the candidate submits the doctoral dissertation to the PSP Steering Committee for final assessment.

The final examination of the doctoral dissertation is conducted by an Examination Committee composed by seven (7) faculty members. The three Supervisory Committee members are also members of the Examination Committee. The remaining four (4) members are appointed by the GA upon recommendation of the Supervisory Committee. At least three (3) members of the Examination Committee must be specialized in the scientific area of the dissertation or a closely related one and two (2) members must be faculty members from other Technical University of Crete Schools or other Universities or Institutes, or researchers (PhD holders) from Greece or abroad.

Doctoral Dissertation Defense

The PhD candidate, in agreement with the Examination committee, determines the date, time and venue of the open oral presentation/defense of his/her dissertation and provides the School’s Secretariat with a dissertation summary for publication on the University’s Academic Announcements website (template available on School’s website).

The PhD candidate defends his/her dissertation publicly before the Examination committee. The consent of at least five (5) members of the Examination Committee is required for the final approval of the dissertation.

Admission to the Doctoral Diploma Degree (PhD)

Upon receiving a positive assessment by the committee and completing any proposed corrections, candidates must upload the final version of their dissertation to the Institutional Repository of the Technical University of Crete.

Given that the postgraduate student has accumulated the required ECTS credits (180 credits), the candidate submits an application to the School’s Secretariat (form available on School’s website) and is admitted to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy by the GA.

Doctoral Diploma Award Ceremony

The award ceremony for the Doctoral Diplomas (PhDs) is held by the Technical University of Crete once a year, usually in November or December.

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